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Once, a long time ago a gnome walked out of his little mushroom house. It was early in the morning. A squirrel appeared at the end of the road. "What's up?", he asked. "Nothing really", answered the gnome, "My house's a bit small, there's not much room in there" he added. "That's alright", the squirrel said, "You're quite a fun guy, you'll fit in".

The gnome walked back into the little mushroom and lived happily ever after.

Just added some XSL stylesheets to render my sitemap and subscriptions OPML nicely. Very proud of that actually :) is truly amazing, the devs did a great job! Just wanted to put that out there. Spread positivity I guess :)

Just set up Bridgy with neopub to POSSE my posts from my own site to Twitter. Yay!

If I can’t clearly explain something, I don’t understand it. Everything I know I should be able to teach another person (given enough time and effort).

I moved all my neopub stuff to a separate GitHub organization. I think this makes it easier to manage the neopub-specific repos (and I was curious about how to make organizations on GitHub)

The first half of my test week is over. Now I’m gonna relax this weekend and then next week I’m going to finish my last tests. I can’t wait to have time to work again. Finally!

I added a new section to my site, dedicated to school stuff. It's dutch, since, well I live in the Netherlands. Check it out at

I felt inspired and rebuilt the entire infrastructure for my site. I also added /me, /youtube and /music.

I designed some nice themes for neopub, which you can find here: Lemme know what you think :)

I updated the default theme for neopub. Might change it in the future, but I felt like a more neutral theme would be nicer for new users (I also like the thought that my neolog is unique and new users don't use my theme by default)

Just saw this on Urban dictionary:

*1998 Yahoo refuses to buy Google for $1 million
*2002 Yahoo realizes it’s mistake, tried to buy Google for $3 billion, Google wants $5 billion, Yahoo says no
*2008 Yahoo refuses to be sold to Microsoft for $40 billion
*2016 Yahoo sold to Verizon for $4.6 billion
CEO of Yahoo: “Stonks”

Me going to Somtoday. Very nervous 😬

Hi! This is me testing my new media endpoint :D

Just redesigned Sterrenkruid, my grandma's blog. I got really inspired by, and Also added IndieWeb functionality :D Hope you like it!

Just discovered that our project has next to no tests. Oops 😬

Just split my feed up into years. Before I only had one giant feed.json file which contained all posts ever. Now it's split up into 2022.json, 2021.json, etc. That makes neopub reliable in the long run.

This post is a test to see if posting to works. So, hi indiewebbers!

This was also posted to /en/hottubs.

Just added markdown support to my micropub endpoint. Noice.

I’m planning on open-sourcing the blogging software I built for my microblog when it is a bit more polished, but I can’t come up with a good name. Split between neopub and neolog.

Yeet! It finally works :D

Spent the entire evening debugging this stupid micropub endpoint and I've still not figured out what is going wrong >:(

Just setup my new microblog on

Just finished a great book: Woordsmid by Patrica Forde! 📚

I wrote blog post about how Somtoday could improve their platform and they just invited me to come to their office to talk about it! So cool!!

Just set up a system for tracking visitor counts using a MySQL database, PHP powered API and some JS. It allows me (and you) to see statistics for my blog. The source code is available on GitHub of course!

I'm closing some tabs today. I've been very stressed the last few weeks, so today I took some time to sort out my priorities, do some chores that I needed to do a long time ago and relaxed.

Just finished De Sage van Aya: Regentes. It's a great book, I can't wait for part two! 📚

I started reading De Sage van Aya: Regentes by Mirjam Boers. Just finished the third chapter. Really good so far! 📚

Just finished reading The Principles of Beautiful Web Design by Jason Beaird, Alex Walker, and James George. It goes into detail on fonts, colors, and layouts. Really recommended! 📚