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I officially decided #ff1f5a is my favorite color :)

Yesterday night was the deadline for our informatics project. We had to make a Figma last period and now we had to recreate it using HTML and CSS. I had been warning my friends about the deadline, but of course, they started yesterday evening. So, I helped them build the lil' sites all night.

Also, it looks like neopub's per-year feeds are working. It may look like my microblog is empty at the moment, but all old posts are still here, just hidden on the archive page. Of course all the permalinks and webmentions still work. neopub is designed like this because it uses JSON files to store the posts and I don't want them to become too long. I also don't want my content from years ago to be easily searchable, but I still want it to be availble to those who wanna reread or reference it. This way every year my microblog is a "clean sheet", but I won't break old URLs.

The new year started, and I have a few plans. I already talked about some of them on my blog, but I have one more thing: this year I'm going to try to post something to my blog every week. Let's see how this goes :)