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Just set up Bridgy with neopub to POSSE my posts from my own site to Twitter. Yay!

I moved all my neopub stuff to a separate GitHub organization. I think this makes it easier to manage the neopub-specific repos (and I was curious about how to make organizations on GitHub)

I designed some nice themes for neopub, which you can find here: Lemme know what you think :)

I updated the default theme for neopub. Might change it in the future, but I felt like a more neutral theme would be nicer for new users (I also like the thought that my neolog is unique and new users don't use my theme by default)

Just split my feed up into years. Before I only had one giant feed.json file which contained all posts ever. Now it's split up into 2022.json, 2021.json, etc. That makes neopub reliable in the long run.

Just added markdown support to my micropub endpoint. Noice.

I’m planning on open-sourcing the blogging software I built for my microblog when it is a bit more polished, but I can’t come up with a good name. Split between neopub and neolog.

Spent the entire evening debugging this stupid micropub endpoint and I've still not figured out what is going wrong >:(